Havelock House – Feb 2024 Update

The new proposals for the redevelopment of Havelock House have been released for public comment. In January 2024, the proposals were for the demolition of existing buildings and the erection of a residential development of  105 apartments.

Initial reaction from the Donegall Pass community was one of concern.  It transpired that the developer and their team worked on proposals for several months (May 2023 till December 2023), without consulting, engaging or inviting the local residents or community organisations to participate in the design process.  Members of the developer’s team used Donegall Pass Community Forum’s Board Room to display the previous Havelock House proposals.  These members didnt engage with anyone from the community whilst they prepared these plans.

Without resident notification, demolition commenced on the 11th of December 2023.  Notification of  demolition was only sent out on the 18th of December with the first Public Consultation on the 18th of January 2024.  This is an example of the weakness in planning legislation that facilitates private developers  actions whilst side-lining communities.

Local residents have set up a new community group, Donegall Pass Residents Association, (DPRA). They have concerns over the proposals and  the lack of communication, engagement and participation regarding the design development with and by the community.  Attendance at the Pre Application. Consultation by the Residents Association has initiated a process of further meetings with the development team.

On 19th February, the residents raised concerns over the large amount of single apartments which has been reduced from 26% to 13%. (There has been an increase in the number of family units. The residents however, still have an objection to the building structure and size.

If you have any comments or queries please do not hesitate to contact Peter at the Donegall Pass Community Forum on 028 90 326256.