Urban Regeneration

Urban regeneration within Donegall Pass focuses on three elements to transform the existing Social, Economic and Environmental conditions.

  • Social transformation is the improvement to community life through increasing access to education and training, healthcare and recognition of the cultural history through local figures and events.
  • Environmental transformation improves derelict spaces and buildings, better access to public transport along with safe walking and cycling routes for all ages.
  • Economic transformation increases the number of successful local business’s starting up.  Increasing the quality of housing to attract people into the area.

This transformation reveals itself in the challenge of supporting and prioritising the individuals mental health and wellbeing needs along with improvements in the above three areas to create and promote wider interest in the communal public spaces.  If you are a confident individual who has good educational and training skills along with a positive attitude, you are more likely to be involved and take an interest in improving your community for others. 

Urban planning shapes 80% of community health.  Sustainable transformation will put people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of design.  Training and education are crucial in providing confidence for people to tend public needs but also get their voice heard.  Change through design should enable people to feel connected to society andto feel part of a community.

Urban regeneration should raise questions that will cover a range of topics that will allow all residents to have their say. 

Examples of some of the questions could be:

  • Do you feel safe walking in your neighbourhood? (is there adequate street lighting),
  • Do the elderly and children find it is to access shops, play areas and transport?
  • What are your relationships with your neighbours?  Have they changed because of the pandemic?

Examples a of projects other communities have undertaken to create restorative city neighbourhoods include;

  • Urban orchards,
  • Car free streets for Sunday play,
  • The health impact of air pollution from the adjacent arterial roads.

Ongoing Urban Regeneration Projects

  • Posnett Street
  • School of Music
  • Havelock House